211 W. MAIN ST SUITE 201                                                          TREASURER:  CATHI POWELL

VERMILLION, SD 57069                                                                CHIEF DEPUTY: MARY TAGGART

PHONE: 605-677-7123                                                                   DEPUTY I: RHONDA HOWE

FAX:  605-677-7104                                                                         DEPUTY I: LINDA MANNING

EMAIL:                                             DEPUTY II:  RHONDA TAGGART

In South Dakota, the County Treasurer has the responsibility of receiving and managing all funds due the county. Some of the duties the Treasurer is responsible for are: the collection of all real estate and mobile home taxes, all vehicle registration, titling and licensing, implementing procedures for delinquent real estate and mobile home tax collection, providing information regarding real estate/mobile home taxes to anyone requesting this information and investing county money.  Some County Treasurers also sell State hunting/fishing licenses


Property taxes account for the majority of the county's revenue.  The County Treasurer is responsible for the collection of all property taxes not only for the county but also for the schools, townships, cities and any other entity authorized to levy real estate taxes.  If taxes become delinquent the Treasurer is responsible for implementing the procedure established by law to collect these taxes or to take the property for tax deed.


One of the Treasurer's primary duties is to manage all county funds.  Money not used for the day-to-day operation of the county is invested to help generate more money.  The most common investments are CDs purchased through local banks or working with professional cash management services.


The County Treasurer is responsible for titling, licensing and registering all vehicles.  The treasurerís office also records and releases liens placed on vehicles.

In South Dakota you are assigned a renewal month based on the first letter of your last name, or in the case of a business, on the beginning letter of the business name.   Renewal months are as follows:

A & B - January

C, D & E - February

F, G & J - March

H, I & O - May

K & L - June

M & N - July

P, Q & R- August

S - September

T through Z- November

You will need to bring or send one of the following for renewal:

  1. Title (if you own your vehicle free and clear you will have the title).
  2. Vehicle registration renewal card.  You will receive this card in the mail approximately 60 days prior to your vehicle's expiration date. Vehicle registration renewal cards are sent out as a courtesy.

South Dakota will be issuing new license plates starting January 1, 2016.  The following types of plates will be issued: non-commercial vehicle plates (standard county plates), organizational plates, motorcycle plates, personalized plates, amatuer and commercial radio plates and low-speed vehicle plates.  If you want your new plates/registration mailed to you there is a   $5.00 mailing fee per vehicle  .










Vehicle renewal/ can be done online by cli:king on the following link : 






MV608 (application for title)

Boat title application

Duplicate plate affidavit.pdf

duplicate title application.pdf

Lost in the Mail.pdf

General Affidavit for a Vehicle/Boat Registration.pdf

Tax verification out-of-state dealer.pdf

Non-resident affidavit.pdf



 FIrst half real property taxes are due on or before April 30, second half real property taxes are due on or before October 31.

To look up real estate taxes use the following link  (special assessments are not available on this site.  The special assessment listed on this site refers to city storm sewer tax) ; 


To pay real estate taxes online use the following link:

To sign up for automatic payment please complete the ACH form and return to this office.  This will allow the Treasurer's office to automatically withdraw the funds from your account to pay your taxes. The first half will be withdrawn around April 30 and the second half around October 31.  If you provide an email address we will email you the amount that will be withdrawn and the approximate date of withdrawal.






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