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In accordance with SDCL 8-5-14, supervisor names and phone numbers to be posted on township website. A county official of any county that maintains an official website shall post thereon the name and phone number of each person serving on a board of township supervisors within the county. Source: SL 2019, ch 52, § 1. This list is provided via the link below:

2024 Township Board Members (click to display the list)

Fairview Township has its own website. Click here to visit it. The e-mail address for Fairview Township is

Township Board meetings are the first Tuesday in March. If you have questions about where your board meeting is held, please see the contact information on the Township Board Members list above and contact a board member from your township.

The auditor’s office will no longer be providing the “Township Laws” booklet.


Right-of-Way Application for Township Use

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