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Drew Gunderson


211 W Main St, Suite 203
Vermillion, SD 57069

Ph. (605) 677-7145
Fax (605) 677-7104


Planning Commission:

Jay Bottolfson (Chairman), Joe Hubert, Marty Gilbertson, Travis Mockler (County Commission Representative), Jerry Prentice


Please contact me by 9:00 am on the Friday before the Planning Commission meeting to be placed on the agenda.  It is recommended that you contact me as soon as possible.


The next County Planning and Zoning meeting will be Oct 25th, 2021 at 5:15PM in the Clay County Courthouse basement.

Notice CUP Appeal 26 Oct 2021



Expression of Interest Form (Opening on the P&Z Commission)




Clay County Building Permit Application

Joint Jurisdiction Building Permit Application

(Permit applications must include a site plan and building plan for each project)

Surveyors-->>  Plat Application/Checklist  <<--Surveyors

Driveway Permit



Clay County is zoned and requires a building permit.  Please contact me for more information.

Clay County Zoning Ordinance 2017

Clay County Zoning Map 2018

Clay County Subdivision Ordinance 2014



Joint Zoning Regulations for Clay County & City of Vermillion 2013

Joint Jurisdiction Zoning Map 2020


Navigating the Veterans Administration system can be difficult.  Please contact me for help.


SD Department of Veterans Affairs

US Department of Veterans Affairs

OJT/Apprenticeship Program


If you have a wheelchair, power scooter, and/or other health care equipment you are looking to donate please contact my office.

If you or a Veteran you know are looking for a wheelchair, power scooter, and/or other health care equipment please contact my office.

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